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    Suggested Usage (Cycle Info Needed)

    Hi All:

    I need some suggestions about how to best make use some gear. I have not personally used all of the items in the following list, but I have successfully used one or two of the components. I was looking at doing a relatively short cycle 8 -10 weeks but again, due to the fact that I've never tried all of the gear in the list, I thought maybe some of the members here could help me out with some suggestions. The list is as follows:

    200 Denkall D-BOL tabs 10mg/tab
    Mitgan 50 EQ 50 ml vial
    GARD TTS 150 20 ml vial (contains 50 ml of Stanazolol, 50 ml of Test USP, 50 Trenbolone Acetate)
    Nolvadex 20 tabs (I assume these are 20mg/tab due to the stamping of the number 20 on them (letter G on one side, TN 20 on the other)

    I don't have enough D-BOL for more than about 60 days at 30 mg/day but as I'm not familar with D-BOL, I wasn't sure if I could use less to stretch out the time period a bit. I was going to start the EQ and TTS shots at 200 mg EOD starting on week 2 and continuing until week 8. I was then going to run the HCG and Nolvadex as PCT for the a period of 3 weeks or so afterwards. Also, I was considering using Nolvadex all the way through the cycle as I am concerned with possible side effects caused by the aromitization of the D-BOL.

    Any assistance/comments would be appreciated. I will continue to do some research in the meantime and repost any of my findings for critique.


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    yea nolvadex should be run all the way through cycle at 10mg as said, and use ldex too if you decide on the dbol , use the dbol weeks 1-4, and umm u didnt mentiion pct...have a read of pheednos pct

    Gard TTS, never heard of it, hmm

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    150 mgs of tren /winny/test is going to stinggg broo... and dbol should only be runn 4 weeks... p[ossibly up to 6 weeks if you're advanced and comfortable with the liver damage.... eq should be run no less than 12 weeks for optimal results... you need more of some form of test other than the GARD stuff for a cycle, more eq, and you're fine on the dbol.

    get more gear and gety back to us. by the way.... unless you're very advanced, tren, test, eq,dbol and winny is alot of gear to run. i've done 7 cycles or so and i wouldnt run 5 compounds at once, especially when 2 of them are 17aa.

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    slow your roll bro, seems like you might need to do a test only cycle correctly before diving in to all that gear

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    Thanks to all of you for your quick replies. I understand that I was not very descriptive in my usage of these items and I know that I really need to cycle in some more test. The GARD TTS was not my first choice, but this is all I was able to get if I wanted winny at all. So, based your repsonses, I'm considering trying to exchange the GARD TTS for som test prop or enth. I just don't want to seem like too much of a chump by asking to "exchange" some of the gear. New source and all. Also, I'm gonna ensure that my PCT is more well thought out. I never really made use of Clomid before, but based on what I've read here, it seems like many of you suggest its usage in addition to HCG and Nolvadex . I will look into getting some of that. I was just under the impression that based on what I was going to use in this cycle, I wouldn't need to use Clomid as the LH cycle wasn't gonna get too messed up with the absence of a lot of test. However, that was before I realized my Winny had Test and Tren in it. Not what I wanted at all.

    Thanks again for all the info bros.

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