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    Steroids that work on diet

    Which steroids work on a low/regular diet?
    I have been reading and Primo is the only one I remember reading about, I did a search but such a specific topic are hard to search for

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    it would be typicaly,your prep drugs ,like primo works well on a low cal. diet,masteron (worked great ,they put this beutiful substance to sleep R.I.P.) anavar .etc.

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    Any AAS will work, as they will promote nitrogen retention and make your muscles take in more amino acids than normal. So in reality, all of them can work, the only reason why we say primo, anavar , eq, winny. . .is because these are anabolics, not androgenics that do not bloat. Sust bloats, but can cut you up if you keep diet right, of course you won't see it until the bloat goes away. . .that's why sust is usually used for bulking when you just wanna get big and nasty. Anyway, see what I am getting at?

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