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    How long until you feel the effects of Clomid in PCT?

    Just like the title says. I would post this in the PCT forum, but there are not too many people in there.
    I was in Mexico 3 weeks ago and did a "ton" of Deca along with some other goodies. I also popped 2 boxes of Gonakor, which equals 5000iu of HCG .
    21 days from the last shot of Deca will be Thursday, but I took 50 mg of Comid today, and am about to get serious.

    This is a question for al your personal experiences. When could you tell the Clomid was working? What method did you use. 300/200/100, 100 for 30 days etc etc....
    Tell me when you "knew"!

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    Take this question to the PCT forum.

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