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    Angry someone please help

    hi,i need some advice on a couple of things.i have 7 amps of sustenon 250mg and 10 amps of deca 50mg.whats the best way to stack this and when i shoot it should i shoot it seperately or can i mix them and shoot them together?im 5'6"and 165 like to get up to 180 if possible.does anyone have a awesome workout i could use to get the best results?if someone can help please do.also when i workout can i workout everyday since the muscles heal faster or should i still have a rest period?

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    you dont need deca on a first cycle, and you have an insufficient amount of sustanon for your first cycle too. your gonna need around 13 more sustanon amps to get a decent cycle going. plus clomid for PCT.

    how long have you been lifting?what are your stats?

    and yes, part benefit of steroids is increased protein synthesis.which means as long as your diet and sleep are in check, you will be able to train muscles harder than you usually would for longer periods of time. most of the time people overtrain though when they dont need to.

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    you need more gear. Don't take it till you get more and do more research. yes you can mix them, and yes you still need AMPLE time for your body to rest. Rest = Grow

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