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Thread: What to take???

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    Question What to take???

    Hey guys! I cycled some enanthate and propionate once before, other than gaining a bit of temporary mass, I didn't see any other good benefits. I want to try out some D-bol, but I'm not sure if it'll be beneficial for my sport... hockey. I'm training to have strong and enduramt legs with some good cardio as well.. What would you suggest?


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    Did you take clomid after your previous cycles?? if not That could be the reason your mass was "temporary". D-bol can give you some pumps that may make it hard when skating. look into winny, eq and test. Stick around though, you'll learn a lot.


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    Yeah bro Dbol by itself won't do much good. It is a type II steriod , and better stacked with something like deca /sus or test, even EQ. If you are looking to get hard or cut, run winny or EQ. those are great cutting cycles. EQ will make you strong and cut. Winny tends to dry your joints out more, cause it takes all the water from your body. (this may not be very good when skating). Eq and Sus work well together as far as strength but you may grow alittle.

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