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    Question creatine&insulin

    i am going to start slin here in a few days and i also want to take creatine with it! but you see the regular creatine powder always bloats me up big time, i gain so much water around my waist that there is a 2inch gap inbetween buttning up the front of my pants and i cramp alote too! does any body know about a creatine product that will help me out, with little to no bloat? i was going to use MRI'S CE2 creatine the same company that makes NO2 but it never comes out! and being that it will be used with slin im sure it will work even better and even more water bloat!....

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    I had the very same problem. Although I am currently of slim build I found it difficult getting more than 1 cvreatine drink in me per day. A freind suggested the capsules. They are a little more expensive but its worth it and it means you can eat more

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    v12 by sann bro.. it wont bloat you up that much... give it a try .. gives you great pumps to

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    var can causes a strong strength gain by stimulating the phosphocreatine

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