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    questions about dbol and test e

    I come accross a uk website selling dbol , I understand most of these sites are dodgy so I was wondering on what the normal cost (£) of these tablets are? I even found some on lmao.

    Also I couldn't see test e on there, is it available as in tab form or inj. only?

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    Jun 2004
    forgot to add webby to see if it's legit.... can i post it here? if not many appologies plz delete it.

    http://www.m******** (website edited out)

    Not a uk website either so a bit dodgy on the customs i know
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    don't post the website. The test e is inj. and def. don't go through ebay.

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    .coms are all scams.....d bol 5mg thias are usealy sold for 300$ to 1,000$ for 1,000 tabs on the black market

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