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    Getting blood test

    I'm a week into my Winny cycle, 25mg's EOD, and am getting some blood work done to check my cholestoral levels and other general lipids test. Also to check if I am anemic. Should I be concerned about getting it tested if i am on my cylce. Is there any possible way something could be detected? Any responses are greatly appreciated!

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    it is always a good idea to get blood work done while on or off cycle. some people who do this regularly have a better understanding of where their "HDL and LDL" levels are at. that is your good/bad cholesterol. having blood work done will also inform you about the different types of AAS you are using, whether you need to drop your dosages, or switch to completely different ones. never hurts to. i think winny for the most part increases your LDL - bad cholesterol a bit, but might be able to get away w/ the amount you are currently using. i know personally, might BP sky rockets when i'm on winny, and other types of test.


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