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    anit e/ clen+test questions.

    Goal: gain stregth, lose fat. dont care about looks really, just want to be in better shape for sprinting.

    currently on week 2 of a test e cycle at 500mg/week (10 weeks).

    1. ldex was stolen, so now all i have is clomid for anti e. should this be run during the cycle as well as pc? i feel a little worried running no anti-e during the cycle

    2. i want to lose weight. should i add the clen now or wait until after test cycle is done? my only goal with the test is stregth gains, not added weight.
    my goal with the clen is to lose fat.

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    dude you should not have started your cycle without the necessary precautions.... Anti's also clomid really isn;t a substitution for nolvadex which you should have had prior to starting... if you are really worried then you should seriously look into one of the liquid sites and get some nolva ship express to you.....
    as for the clen i personally waited till the end of the cycle... but there are some who run it throughout (cycling 2 on 2 off) It's really up to you..
    but first thing first, get yourself some nolvadex you will need it for PCT if nothing else (remeber not everyone gets sides from test so nolva may not even be needed in your case)

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    run Clen during PCT& continue to cycle it after. since you need to continue to eat large to keep gains during PCT Clen is good at helping lose weight while still eating a normal diet by raising temp.

    Why not find a research site and order you should have anti e's in a week or so depending on where you order from.

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