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    saw palmetto and deca

    i have read that saw palmetto and proscar have some similarities in the way that they work.I have also read that you should not take proscar with deca .So does anybody think that there would be a problem taking saw palmetto while taking deca.I would like to take the saw palmetto to protect the prosate, but not if it is going to make me bald faster.

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    You wont need to take saw plametto with Deca it does not have any neg. sides on the prostate. Even if you decide to run it i dont think youll see any hair loss only if you are predisposed to it.

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    Mike Guest
    You don't need to take saw palmetto with a Test/Deca cycle to prevent testosterone from converting to DHT. Deca converts to progesterone which is actually inhibits 5 alpha reductase far more effectively than Proscar and Saw Palmetto which are the more standard agents employed in traditonal and natural medicine.

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    He MIKE what about with EQ.

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    Mike Guest
    what about EQ??

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