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    My not so pleasant experience at the doctors(please read)

    Im 19 years old and ive been bodybuilding for a 1.5 years. I went to see a pysicians assistant today to get a form to get my blood tested for various things. i DO NOT plan on taking steroids . i simply wanted to see where my test. levels were at. just out of complete curiosity. once i told the PA that was my reason for wanting to get my test checked, it all went downhill. she thought i was a complete freak. she gave me this look as if i told her that i wanted a sex change.

    little did i know before going to the doctor that in order for someone to get his blood checked for certain things, such as test. levels, the doctor has to have a justification for the check. this is for the insurance company apparently.

    i told her that i bodybuild and all that, and that im trying to gain weight. once again, she thought i was a nutcase for wanting to gain weight. the justification for getting my blood cholestoral checked was that i eat 4 whole eggs a day. she was utterly stunned by this fact. throughtout the entire ordeal she kept giving me this stunned/disgusted look on her face. she also stated that testosterone is measured on a scale from 19 - 900. is that correct? when was is that someone cant get blood tests done just because they want to know more about their own body and how things look.
    my first mistake was going to a female PA. i think a male doctor would have been more understanding

    here are a few other things she said that i found funny:

    - steriods make your penis shrink
    - protein helps you keep the weight off

    on a side note, how much would it cost for me if i decided to pay for all of the blood work done instead of my insurance company?

    sorry i wrote this terribly

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    the doctors office just called me and told me that the PA that i was with talked to my main doctor and he approved of getting my test checked.

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    First off, protein has been shown to help aid in weight loss as well as weight gain, its known as the thermic effect. And she is completely wrong about the penis shrinkage, if anything your shaft would get bigger. But your nuts will definately shrink from using gear.

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    PA is not an MD. It is a glorifide nurse. Tell her next time you want an MD present.

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    Yeah first of all dont talk about your testosterone levels with women.

    Most women are threatened in todays liberated society by manly men. Have you noticed that young women these days favor femenant men/boys. The day when the big guy had his day are over. Allthough there are a few that are just thrilled to see a big pick them up and pat them on the a@@

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    lol sounds crappy man, musta been awqward

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