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Thread: create my cycle

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    create my cycle

    ok fellas would like some good advice on a cycle if I hypothetically had the following gear

    stats 5 years worth of training(of and on)
    last year and ahalf training consistintly, 30 yrs young
    180lbs,13% bf, last cycle was 75mg/ml fina eod,and about 500mg test wk
    took 3 weeks off then 600mg cypwk and 600mg eq week for 5 weeks( all for nothing cause I only gained 3 solid lbs after the fina cyp..
    two months off after clomid treatment everything is working fine ie testes...
    this will be my 4th cycle
    mass cycle please

    now for the gear ( at least no one will tell me get more

    11cc eq 200mg/ml
    10cc deca 300mg/ml (I never used deca before)
    11 cc cyp200mg/ml
    30cc brovel t200
    15 primobolan 100mg/ml
    20cc Aratest 250
    150 5mg dbol
    25cc propinate 50mg/ml
    80 tabs nolvadex 10mgtab
    a shitload of clomid

    perhaps 2 cycles and bridge with the primo???
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    What the goal of the cycle? More Mass or cutting? And do u only want to use that gear there or are u flexible? As far as the Quantity goes, u seem to have alot of different types, but I would recommend u get either an extra bottle of deca or an extra bottle of EQ and choose to one or the other as far as these two, because it is my understanding that they hit the same receptors and do not work great together.
    Also double up on the test u got there.

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