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    Steroids and Hairloss


    The only thing keeping me from takin roids, for some good mass is the Hairloss thing. If youve already been takin proscar will this prevent any conversion to DHT and hairloss while on a cycle. I want a good mass building steroid that will coinside with takin proscar. PLz lemme know thanks

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    Propecia which is finasteride will help you keep your hair with testosterone only gear. (Enanthate , Prop, Cyp et.)With gear such as Winstrol or Tren this will be of no help and will not prevent hair loss.

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    Will also help with dbol which raises test levels. I have had no hairloss from EQ either, some people do, some don't.

    test enan is a great first cycle. Proscar 1.25mg daily start atleast 2 weeks before your cycle. If you are prone to male pattern baldness you might want to keep taking it daily. Look at the pct forum or the example cycles on the main board for proper pct and doseage suggestions for a beginner.

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