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    Serious questions

    Hey I was thinking about doing test and eq for 12 weeks and ending with winny for 4 weeks during my first cycle. Everyone seems to be against it though, saying that I should drop the winny and maybe even the eq. I don't really want to do more then one cycle but I want to do this right. Why should I drop the winny and test? Ive taken M1T and other prohormones in the past so my body is use to a little strain and I'm ready to take the plunge but do I really only need to take test at first? I'm 5"9 180 and 11% body fat and am looking for some massive gains but I don't want to hurt my body long term. What should I do?

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    The reason everyone says just run Test for your first is to see how you react to it.If you run more than one compound and get sides,you don't know exactly what's causing it,because it's your first go around.

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    If u plan on doing only one cycle then go for the test enanthate 12weeks cycle, run nolvadex for saftey and liquidex for saftey and to reduce bloat and water retention. Winny is a good steroid but it is mostly used to rip up and chizel up in the cycle, the reason u dont need winny is because you are 11%body fat so what u need is mass from this cycle!! Eat very good and take supplement both during the day and a night-time PM protein which they sell at GNC's or websites. Investing the extra money on supplements instead of winny and eq will be well worth it. Once you are done with the cycle and you PCT then you can keep your gains by training hard and eating right. If you want to cut up after the cycle then you can use over the counter themogenics (thermoburst/lipo-6 by nutrex/Ripped Fuel) they are all good i personally used Lipo-6 by nutrex and it will chizel u up without losing muscle mass at all without any side effects compared to winny.

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