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    eq/ Test Enthate

    Whats up guys I'm new here and just had to ask a big question. Last September I took my first cycle which consisted of Deca /Sust for 10 weeks I went from 155lbs to 180lbs which I was very happy about. I started a new cycle on May 1st of EQ/ Test Enthate a 12 week one (QV brand) to mainly add a lil size perhaps and cut up. I have problem spots at the stomach and lower back (dont we all). I've been eating very clean egg whites, tuna, chicken, not eating after 8 o'clock at night and so forth. I cut up a little bit on the stomach but lost about 10lbs thus far but my stomach is not where I want it to be. I have four weeks left and I am wondering what I am doing wrong because I really don't look that much better in my mind. I take green tea extract as fat burning supplement daily with a multivitamin I know this forum is not for supplements but would anything help to cut up without bothering my gear. And is my diet the problem or what I'm doing wrong I'm very confused?? please help thanks guys.

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    are u doing any cardio?? u need to do cardio in order to burn that stubborn fat.

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    Sounds like a problem with your diet. Are you eating any carbs?? If not then you most likley lost the weight of subQ and intrasacromel water. Carbs stimulate aldosterone release in the pancreas as well as insulin , there for carbs make you hold water (Both subQ and IM).

    Post your diet if you will and I can help you tweak it for maximum fat loss.

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    cardio and diet are the big keys,how do they look?

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    Def get your cardio up there and your workouts intense.

    Try to keep your carbs low but I wouldn't say get rid of them completely because you need some in your daily diet. Just be sure to get an equal amount of complex and simple carbs in there.

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