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    2cc's ok for arm/shoulder injection?

    This is my second cycle, but my first time injecting more than 1 cc of anything at once. My shoulders were never sore after injection on my first cycle, but now that i am injecting 1.5cc test e, 2cc deca , my shoulders are sore for days after. Is this because of the larger volume of injection or something else? Not a big deal, was just curious.

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    I have no problem dumping 2 cc into my delts..actually the spot where it hurts the least...


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    you shouldn't have a problem.....more than likely your sore from the injection itself (hitting blood vessels) or the ba content may be a bit high.....since none of your other injections hurt more than likely it was just a bad happens.....but are you injecting 2cc's or 3.5cc's?

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    I wack 3 1/2cc's in my delts 2x week...
    Another 2cc's plus in each tricep, so
    IMO 2cc's is not big deal... What kind
    of gear is it... Could be from a Higher BA%
    like DaddyDbol said... My shots hardly hurt
    at all...

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