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    beating deca detection....

    According to the Candaian Pharmaceuticals System, detectable levels of deca durabolin can remain in a users system up to 18 months after their last injection....which drug, in particular, is especially effective in covering up the use of deca , or any anabolic agent for that matter? thanks

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    wow, no advice?? There must be some people out there who compete, or have to undergo some sort of drug testing...don't leave me hanging!! (no deca dick pun intended )

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    If you will go for pro. testing then you're done. Yes, it's 18 months

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    Mike Guest
    You can fake a pisser but you can't just hide those values in your blood and urine. The deca 's there - you can't clean it out. You can only find ways around the testing.

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    First of all, there is nothing to mask it. If your t/e ratios were off, then you could use an epitest shot or birth control pills to help get them get in line.

    But you are asking about the actual metabolites of deca which are stored in your fatty tissue.

    1 question (and don't take offense) are you FAT, if not the metabolites will not stay in your system 18 months.

    Factors that influence time drugs are in your system

    Fluid intake
    Tolerance to drug
    frequency of intake
    duration of intake
    body fat
    potency of drug

    If you do not know. There are some last minute things which can be done to prepare.

    1) Dilute your system with water starting the night before.
    2 Eat lots of red meat and take creatine (they test urine samples for creatinine to make sure they are not diluted - eating meat will spike you levels about normal but by diluting they should be in range)
    3) Not extremely important but it may help some. Take vitamin B, C and anyother vitamins you want in high doses to color your urine (a tester with experience will know it has been colored.- but just tell him you take vitamins everyday - should be fine)
    4) Take 5 aspirin about 30 minutes before test.
    5) Last but not least you can give yourself a shot of epitestoterone to raise the levels and balance out your t/e ratio. Your girls birth control pill will also work. Not sure of the dosage. It is almost a trial an error thing with each individual.

    Training and eating are also great ways to rid your system of metabolites. This raises your metabolism which puts the metabolites into your blood stream which excreted in the urine. Do this until 3 days prior to testing. At that time you want all metabolites left in your system to be stored in your fat and not be in your blood stream.

    Hope this helps.

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