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    Talking I need a good bulking cycle...HELP!!!

    I need to do a good bulking cycle it wil be my 3rd cycle stats 5'9 180lb lean diet will be based on 4000-4500 cals/day my goal is to gain as much size as possible before i do a cutting cycle next year what would be some of your suggestions for a al out "bulker" for me heres what i had in mind
    weeks 1-12 deca 400mg/week
    weeks 1-15 ethanate 500mg/week
    weeks 1-4 30mg d-bol/day
    weeks 8-12 30mg/d-bol/day
    hcg weeks 10-15 1000iu sat and sun
    clomid start week18 300/1st day, 100mg/day following 10 days and 50mg/day
    following 14 days
    nolva starts week18 for 4 weeks at 25mg/day
    what do you guys think please feel free to give any advice necessary. Thks Luke

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    Looks like a good bulking cycle..but I don't think you need to run dbol twice...just stick to 4-6 weeks at the begining...

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    looks good but i agree dbol only needs to be run once..

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