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    Question info on winny V "capsules"

    hey, what's up all..the past couple of weeks this "source" has been talking to me a winny v "capsules"!! I've been doing some research and coming up a little short...I've always only heard of the injectable and this "capsule" junk the real deal...Thanks for any info!!

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    There are a few really good UG companies that put out winny caps! Peru Tech are great!

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    Redstar also puts out winny caps. Also top notch. Just make sure your source gives you a sealed bottle.

    Be careful, by the way. A prohormone company bought the rights to the name "winny V" so he may be trying to sell you garbage.
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    my source has winny caps and i love em. the only difference is the powder wasnt pressed by a machine. no biggie

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    There is a pro-hormone version like chrisAdams said, there website is so check it out and f they are the same then trhow them back at your source

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