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    1st cycle was Test Enenthante time for cycle 2

    Anyone got any suggestions? I gained 30 lbs from 1st cycle went from 185 to 215. I look big but didnt get cut. My second cycle goal is to gain another 15-30 lbs and get cut this time. I want my chest showing striations. I want it to be my last cycle so bring no any suggestions. And when I say last cycle I dont mean I wanna die lol.

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    I'd do one of two things since you want lean gains...

    Test E and EQ
    Test Prop and Tren

    my 0.02

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    Test, EQ and Winny.
    500mg Test/week 13 weeks
    400mg EQ/week 12 weeks
    50mg Winny/day start at week 8 and take up till the day before you begin PCT.

    That is what I would do, because I hate the idea of EOD injections of Prop and Tren . However results would probaly be better with Prop and Tren.

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    PROP and Tren Acetate.

    i assume "not looking cut" would be a matter of body fat and not gear that was used.
    if it's water retention making you look smooth, just add some nolva or a-dex.

    the research showing that nolva lowered IGF levels was done on "clean subjects". it is an estrogen receptor antagonist just like clomid, only attaches stronger to the receptor.

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    Can't beat prop + tren .

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