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    Angry Habbits and how to Kickem

    Alright bro's here is my problem. I got this habbit I just can't give up and I know its holding me back. I'm a Smoker, nasty habbit I picked up a while back b4 I got seriouse about lifting. I'd give anything to go back and never start but its ****ing hard giving these things up. I just wanna know how much im holding myself back because I dont know the specifics. What kind of a jump in weight and strength gain can I expect after quiting. Hold the flames guys I know I screwed up. Has anybody else had this problem? How did you finally give it up?

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    Take it from an ex-smoker that smoked for 12 years. It is worth the temporary uncomfort of withdrawal for the benefits. You get stronger, better winded, more energetic, it helps all the way around.

    Since you are a newbie you should know, this is the steroid question forum, this is more appropriate for the lounge forum.

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    Either some one deleted my post or it didnt post last night. Anyways when you really want to quit you will quit. You have to be sick of it. Try smoking the ciggarettes that cost a dollar a pack for a while. Not Basics or GPC they taste allright. Im talking about go get the bargin stale sh!t!!!!!!!! That will help you get in the mood for quiting. You got to make it not pleasing to smoke. That worked for me!!! Then you got to make it a manly issue. You have to think that a plant has some how been able to control your moods and actions. First things first tell youself a f@ckin plant aint gonna control your life. If you can get through the first two weeks youll be fine after that. Any time you feel a craving for a ciggarette, just tell yourself this "MY PUSSY HURTS" and suck it up and move on. If you drink beer quit for at least a month other wise youll never quit!! As soon as you drink a beer youll run for a pack of smokes.

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