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    Smile side effect help

    has anyony had o loose bowel when on the roids ive had a loose bowel for five days and ive used immodium to stop it but it has no effect its not food poisoning ive had that im on
    50mg oxymetholone ed
    and 200 mg deca twice a week

    some feedback would be good also ive got some pain in my lower back

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    not a real good cycle idea bro. but to answer your question no, i've never heard of loose bowels while on. think you may need to talk to a dr, i'm certainly no medical expert

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    that cycle you are running looks completely illogical to me and looks like it will give you much more side effects than a loose bowel if you continue to run it. to be honest, it looks like you have no clue what you are doing, but that is just my opinion.

    my feedback? i'd drop the a-bombs and add test to get your dick back (if it's not already gone), finish the cycle up and recover. if you can't get test than i'd just drop it all and begin PCT.

    might as well start over and do it right the next time.

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