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    anavar and tren good???

    I am currently using eq for 22 weeks 600mg, i wanna throw in some anavar and tren . i was planing on using 20mg a day of anavar (for 6 weeks) and 300mg a week of tren. i want to get bigger and leaner. im 251 14-15% b/f. does this sound good? also i had a friend whos a bodybuilder got very sick off of Qv tren, he went to the hospital with rashes and shortness of breath (ate almost no carbs a day). i am probally gonna run 600mg of eq a week with it. how long should i run the tren? is it safe? what should i expect?

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    jezees leweezus 22 weeks? how many cycles do you have under your belt? and wheres the test at?
    trenbolone acetate can be pretty harsh if your not an experienced steroid user.some bro's will try it out then quit the whole cycle completely after a few weeks.

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    i would run either the var or the tren ,not both. imo var should be ran at 40mg ed and the tren should be run at the minimum of 50mg's ed (350ew). u should really consider some test also....

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