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    Another Deca with Test cycle question.

    After much thinking I decided to look into roids. I managed to get some QV Deca 300, and thought that is all I would need. After all this, I found this forum and all the problems with a deca only cycle.
    Well, now I can't get any test.....maybe in 2-3 weeks I could get some, but not now. My only alternative would be to split a bottle with a friend. Would this help with the dd a little?

    I know you should take more test than deca to stay afloat, but I can only manage maybe 1/2 of the test I need. Would this help a little?

    I also want to ask about my PCT and clomid. But I don't want to post anything that is against the rules.

    So could someone pm me and i could ask you a question about clomid.


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    Test at 200mg a week should help with DD... PCT should be a little more aggressive. Add some HCG along the way to help reduce the chance of your testicle shrinking.

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