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    Ok to bump Prop up to 100mg ED after 7 weeks on???

    Hey fellas! I've held off on posting this but I dont want to wait too late and **** my cycle up!

    What if you started your Prop @ 50mg ED, then after about 4 weeks didnt feellike you were getting enough and werent seeing results like you thought you would, so you bumped it up to 75MG ED. Then after about 3 more weeks you stillfeel like you are not getting the full effect of the prop and bumped
    it up 100mg ED for the rest of the 14 week cycle? Would that be ok? My diet is superclean, but I just dont knwo if the **** is workin???? My stuff is legit and my diet is superclean! Could I not be getting enough calories???? Too much cardio??? I'm doing about 45-55 min of cardio 4-5 days a week.
    Would it be ok to bump up to 100MG ED for the rest of my cycle. Also about to start Winny. Thanks for any ideas, help bro's!!!
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    It's a short ester,so I don't see a major problem in bumping up the dose.

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    The only problem I had when adjusting my prop dose was an increase in acne...whether adjusting up or down. You are swinging your test levels, so you should expect some sides with the change. That doesn't mean you will have them..just expect it in case you do.

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