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    test enenthate 300?

    my friend told me he gets test e 300 mg. i thought it only came in 200 and 250. you think his $hit is fake? he's only been on it for a couple of weeks, so results wouldnt be an answer yet. what do you guys think? and i forgot to ask him what the bottle says the company is.

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    there are t-300 bottles out there, but who is the manufacturer?

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    I've seen Test Enanthate made as high as 400-600mg/ml
    So yes 300mg/ml is perfectly easy to make and I'm actually
    using some right now in my cycle and loving it... Check out
    the Manufacturer Forum, there's alot of pics and examples...
    But for more info you need the name of the company...

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    im using test enth 300 mg/ml right now.... and i must say that it's delicious....

    performance labs. a few labs make 300 mg/ml bro, it's prob real if it came from a reputable source...

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