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    Question IP prop/suspension

    I recently just got some International Pharmacy Prop/suspension. These two testoserones are pre-mixed in the vial, and my question is how much should I take, and how often. I have already taken two shots of 3/4ml every other day (mainly because of inexperience in my first cycle). Should I take it more often? Based on what I have read on this forum I am very curious to find out what everyone thinks of this product, and how much I need to take. My reason for taking these two tests is ncaa testing, and I have 2 months of cycle time left... what does everyone think?

    Thanks, K

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    It is 100/100 of Prop and Suspension, I would shoot an hour before working out on an EOD basis.

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    bro I am FAAAAR from an expert but WTF?? You have and are taking shots and not sure about the dosage??

    Man I'm not flaming you but research and get some advice before hand. I hope some vets and mods chime in here .... I'll bump you up to the top .. good luck!

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    you need to take susp 3 times ED for max results..prop once idk why the hell anyone would combine the 2.......

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    Quote Originally Posted by barbarian
    you need to take susp 3 times ED for max results..prop once idk why the hell anyone would combine the 2.......
    I think the IP stuff is oil based so 2x's ed wpuld be fine...every 12 hours basically...

    with that much fast acting/quick aromatising test shooting eod your asking for trouble...

    my advice is put down the needles and get some creatine and read in the mean have no clue what your doing...

    sorry but the truth couldnt have messed this up any worse unless you were shooting 1 time per week

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