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    Only got 8.5 ml out of a 10ml bottle of t200

    Only got 8.5 ml out of a 10ml bottle of t200, WTF. This Brovel testosterona 200 shorted me like a bitch. Where is my 1.5 ml. Has this happened to anyone else. Good thing I got like 5 bottles. I hope the Brovel Deca isn't the same way. Then I'll be real mad.

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    There was a post a while ago about this same question and i think i read that if your filling the plunger all the way to the 1, ur actually doing like 1.2 cc's, because of whats left over and whats in the pin itself, i could be totally wrong. But makes since, 1.2 cc's for 8 times and you've used 9.6 cc's. But my own personal experience, i've always gotten 8-9 cc's out of all my brovel products, expect the same from your deca .

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    Bro, you should check this out...

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    its short

    Bro ,not that what your saying about some juice in the needle adds up.What i do is draw your juice lets say to 2 1/2cc (if your going to be doing two.Then push the juice just about a little under 2cc. then when you take it out and pull back the pin until the left over juice in the pin will come down ,and you will be able to tell how much you drew.And i alway's use the same pin to pullmy juice out and then switch it with a fresh one when you ready to inject(first of all this will make the fresh pin go through you like butter.And if you pulled out either to much or two little you can use the duller pin t go back in the bottle.Hope the advise works "AND BY THE WAY EVERYONE KNOWS THAT ALL BROVEL AND TORNELL ARE ALWAY'S SHORT AND YES INCLUDING YOUR EQUIPOISE !!BUt yo can't beat the price,and if you don't want to be underdosed in either mlor mg than use a great quality company like ORGANON!!!but the mexican shit works i love it
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