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    new cycle (2nd overall)

    6' 185lbs, 10% bf. Have done 1 other cycle before of just sust. That was over 1yr ago, So im still new to the gear game. I picked up 20cc of 200mg QV Cyp. I also got about 45 50mg winny tabs. Of Course i picked up some clomids and nolva since i naturally have fatty deposits in my chest. I also got some B6 and B12 to strip my bod of excess estrogen. Any thoughts on how I should aplly this cycle? My goals are to put on some shredded size, hopefully reducing my bf to around 8%......

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    Ok well Shredded Size doesn't exist...You either need to cut or bulk...You can use your gear to help you lean down and keep most of your muscle.....but you won't gain weight and get leaner.

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