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    Deca/primo-please Help A Total Noob!

    Ok i need help with my first every cycle. I just need HONEST opinions here. First off, lemme start with my stats:

    24 Yrs. Old
    Been lifting for 3 years
    bf - ???

    My diet consists of TUNA, TURKEY, GRILLED CHICKEN. Barely any fried foods (only on my off day). I like to keep the carbs low except for the insoluable and soluable fibers. Keep a nice intake of protein. Drink at least 10 8 oz. glasses of water a day.

    I got my hands on QV Deca 200. I would assume every cc = 200mg. As i said i have no clue about any of this. Dont get me wrong. I researched a LOT but as with anyone, i get confused by a lot as well, hence why im here.

    Now, i would of done JUST the deca but im afraid of this deca d!ck crap. So im trying to get some Primo. I DONT want to be all huge and veiny. I do want to add maybe 10 lbs and be nice and lean though. I figure with my diet and proper excersize, these two would be a good fit.

    If i cant get my hands on primo, i KNOW i could get some eq but i dont know much about it. NOW BEFORE ANY STARTS GOING INTO RANTS AND RAVES ABOUT WHICH TWO TO MIX, i rather go with deca/primo. Here are some questions right off the bat i have.

    1) Will doing deca and primo make me HUGE! I know this isnt a lot and i prefer not to go with more then 200mg a week for both for 10 weeks. I know some of you are going to say thats a wast but hey, i dont want to do more then that because i dont know how big i will get. Should i just do 400mg both for 5 weeks? I only got 10 shots of each so thats why im askin how i should go about doing that.

    2) Can i mix both in one syringe? I never have done any of this before so bare with me. Is there any place on the web to show me HOW to inject as well. Also, whats asparate or something like that? Do i need to do this? I know it has to do with pulling back on the lunger or pushing in or something im not sure. I need basically like step my step instructions on how to do this. WHAT ARE THE DO'S and DONT'S?

    3) What sides will i expierence with this. Will i lose my hair? How do i know if im prone to baldness anyways. My dad doesnt have hair, my brother lost his, but my moms father (which i heard for some reason) has a head full of hair as well as i do. But besides that, will these juices make my hair fall out? Also, what OTHER sides should i look out for.

    4) LASTLY but not least im sure, with this combo, what PCT should i use. Can someone give me exact amounts and WHEN to take them. As i said im a total noob when it comes to this. Should i use clomid or nolva? I dont know WHEN or HOW (are they pills or injections?) or how long to take them. Im so confused.

    WELL EVERYONE, sorry for the long A$$ post. I hope some of you will help me out, knowing that you were most likely at my position at some point as well. Much appreciated.

    P.S - Is deca dick permanent? Has anyone gotten decadick with qv deca?

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    Well the primo is not going to help with the deca dick IMO. You need some test in the mix.

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    Oh ok thats another thing. I DONT WANT TO ADD TEST. I have been reading on boards after boards about this stuff. Test will make me big and is hard on the hair if im not mistaken. I DEFINITELY do not want to add any test what so ever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chefmef38
    Oh ok thats another thing. I DONT WANT TO ADD TEST. I have been reading on boards after boards about this stuff. Test will make me big and is hard on the hair if im not mistaken. I DEFINITELY do not want to add any test what so ever.
    Then it's going to be hard to setup a correct cycle without Test. Deca is definitely going to shut you down hard. It doesn't matter what brand of DECA you use, its all going to shut you down. No, it's not permanent, but if you have a girlfriend, don't expect to get it up for awhile. Its NO FUN. I can't even begin to describe how amazing test will make you feel. Even at a low dose, you should be fine. Also, It's very hard to find legit primo.
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    You need some more research before starting this cycle, tell us your stats, age-weight-years in serious training? and your diet seems healthy but you will definetly need additional supplements to get the calories required and protein to work with your gear. I dont think its possible/practical to be on a cycle and get ALL your nutrition from just food, u need supplements. What about running nolvadex during the cycle? to prevent gyno! and maybe liquidex to reduce bloat and also reduce estrogen!
    Also primo seems to be a good beginner steroid , but have you considered where u are going to get legit primo?? dont give any info on about sources on this thread, but i was jus interested in knowing how u plan on getting original promoblan when almost 90% of the people that posted pictures in the picture forum turned out to have fake primo!!!!
    1-Your Stats?
    2-Your diet/supplement plan?
    3-can you get ahold of all your gear, PCT and anti-e's? its not as easy as getting mexican deca you have!
    4-How long have u been training? are u ready for steroids ?

    The PCT is supposed to return your bodies natural levels/balance to normal so deca dick isnt permanent if u do the right PCT, or run Proviron during the cycle, or run Test!
    As for the worrying about hair loss....sorry man thats just a part fo steroids!! every person is different, you cant accuratley figure out your genetic deposition by just looking at your close family. Some people will do many cycles and wont be affected at all! some will do half a cycle and lose everything!!! check your PM

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    I know very little, but I can tell you this. When previously training I used to stick to a high protein, low carb and low/no fat diet. I had three cycles in total whilst on this sort of diet. Whilst I did gain in size and strength a little, my weight did not change, so I obviously got leaner whilst packing on muscle (I should have told you I've always carried extra pounds if you know what I mean). My third cycle was with EQ and Deca plus some tabs. My point being, that you won't get the most out of your cycle unless you pick up your carb intake to at least a medium level (you know your own levels). BB's go low carb when preparing for a contest, seeing as you're not doing this and are just doing it for the benefit of your "clubbing" aestheics, you may as well put the carbs up and get a little more out of your cycle.

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    155 is light to be starting gear, how tall are you?


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    Hey kaew. Everything you asked is in my original post.

    Im 5'8 and i have been lifting since i was about 19...but stopped for like a year. I used to weigh 175 but i was a slight bit chunky so i started taking supplements, all natural, they were like vitamins and minerals...OOOLONG TEA and all that stuff. In a month in a half i dropped 21lbs to be exact.

    If i dont do a pct is deca dick permanent (dont get me wrong i DEF PLAN on doing a pct). I know test causes hair loss. I know EVERYONE is different. I now read that primo is the same as winny in which the factors of hair loss comes into play. I thought primo was light on the hair. IS EQ light on the head? Is it known to cause hair loss?

    My source is legit and he is a vet. I could get pretty much anything for CHEAP! Is qv deca 200 for $90 good?

    ANYHOW, i just want to know before i start. I want to stay away from test for the side effect reasons. I hear that running deca at low doses, the side effects are barely there (AND again i know that everyone is different). I just want everyones opinion on deca/eq and deca/primo.

    I now know to run clomid ed (forgot how many weeks...i think 3) 3 weeks after the last deca/eq shot (if i were to run those two).

    Have nolva on hand in case of gyno related symptoms but i hear at low doses it shouldnt be a problem. One thing i dont think i could get is Liquidex. I will find out though.

    Any help on my questions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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