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    Pec Injection Question.......

    Alright guys I just did my first Pec injection and everything went ok but needless to say I was scared ****LESS!!!! I mean just sticking something that close to your heart scares the **** outta me! Anyway, Is it ok to use a 23 guage. 1 inch for pecs or do I need to go with something smaller?? I'm about 10-11% BF so most of my BF right now is in my stomach.

    Also, is there such thing as the needle going so far in that it knicks or touches your heart???? Sorry for the dumbass questions just curious! Still cant believe I just stuck myself in the **** chest with a needle!!! LOL

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    1 inches shud defintaely not hit your heart or even be close

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    thats what I use and I have no problem bro....but i'm thick in the chest area if your thin try 23 gauge 5/8 will work.

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    i persoanlly use a 25g 1 inch. works perfectly for me

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    i use the 23 gauge 1.5 and never had a problem but im pretty thick through the chest also.. the **** lat shot is what hurts me .

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    I did my first one last week 25g 5/8" it felt weird as heck, make sure you do it after you do chest, mine hurt for several days.

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