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    what you guys think!

    I dont know if this is bad or not but i am taking clen 100mcg a day. my heart rate for the last 96 hours. resting heart rate is 122 beats per minute i went to do cardio and they at the gym said no i could pass out i am 24% bf 198 lbs 22 years old and 5 foot 9

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    Play it cool on the clen ...that stuff is strong...get a ECA stack instead and lose some more fat before you use Clen

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    i thought i was going to die on clen too, that stuff is evil

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    A resting HR of 122 for that long is too high IMO...of course that does depend on your physical shape....but no one should really have one that high....maybe back off on clen for a long have you taken it, and have you taken before?

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