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    they add up so quickly

    Yall ever think about the future? If I continue to cycle at the rate I have been which is much more conservative than most on this board, by the time I'm 28 I'll have done over 10 cycles. Even with proper PCT and supplements like milk thistle, I wonder what this will do to my body in the end. Training is my life and I want to be strong and jacked while Im young and for the rest of my life but sometimes we have to wonder "what are we doing to ourselves" Some of the cycles I see posted on here are insane but ppl like us are never satisfied so its just a matter of time before Im doing these monster stacks. I see ppl younger than me with much less experiance doing these stacks, yall ever wonder where this will leave you in ten years?

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    Seriously I cycle once a year, and I didnt do my first one till 29, when my test started its downward slope.

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    hey medic, all the time, ive wondered the exact same things so many times, when i hear people running 1g test a week with 3-4 other chemicals i wonder what the real damage is, i know everyone says 'if ur careful its ok' if u use liver protectants its ok

    but some of the cycles as you said are very high
    like the pros of today, im almost sure most will die early , cou,ld bd wrong though

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