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    Getting to the end cycle

    I'm getting to the end of my cycle:

    500mg Test e W 1-11 week
    300mg Deca W 1-10 week
    50mg winny ED 8-13 week
    20mg nolva ED all the way
    200mg b6 ED all the way

    This is my first cycle and I will be going into my 10 week with a gain of 15lb I've lost some fat but I see my self the same people gime me good feed back but I don't see myself any bigger.

    People say you normally loose about five pouns at the end if you do thing correct so if that is the case I will have about 10lb more, what do you think about that?
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    15 pounds isn't bad at all, but what does your diet look like? Are U eating enough??? My first cycle I only gained around 10-12 pounds but I totally transformed my body
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    how much cardio did you do on the cycle, and like blt said, eat eat eat. 4-5,000 cals a day

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    I have been eating about 3000 calories a day and have not done cardio but will start next week (it will be my 4th week on the winny).

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