Hi guys (and girls)

I have just finished an 18wk cycle 14wks test e 4 wk var.

As my pcr I got some nolva proviron and hcg .

I took my first hcg shot 2 days ago.

I was talking to some experiencd bodtbuilder freinds, They are semi experienced bigga than me and they have competed, But Im not sure if they know as much as theyd like to think they do.

Anyway they told me not to use hcg as it is taken from corpses in africa and there is a possibilty of hiv.

Now I think they are wrong as to my knolwedge hcg comes from pregnant women. But I was a little concerned that maybe some of the ingrediants are taken from dead bodies

So has anyone any knolwedge of this. are the derivatives of hcg all taken from healthy pregnant women and what is this about corpses is it rubbish as I expect or is there some truth hear.

Serious replys please and thanks in advance