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    Need info on Zambon Winstrol Lote S014

    I got some Winstrol from Zambon S.A. Lote S014 Cad.06/2007. I got 6 of these and one that is Lote S042 Cad.09/2007. The one that is Lote S042 has a little bit shorter top above the yellow ring, and the yellow ring apears to be a little thinner than the other Lote S014. Lote S014's tops seem a little longer and the yellow where you snap open rings are a little thicker. Need help I did a search and didn't find what I was looking for. Anyone have any of these lots?

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    I have a couple of those laying around for after Prop Fina cycle. But the ones i have dont have any yellow rings around them???????
    I also dont think ur gonna do much with 6 of them. Maybe 30 sounds a little better....

    Id give it the ol test and just let it sit there to see if it seperates over night. If this doesnt happen, id give them back......

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