hey guys...i'm gonna end my 12 week cycle of
30mg dbol 1-3 week
400mg deca 1-12 week
400mg sust 1-12 week

gained abt 21lbs so far...so far so gd...i got 2 questions
1) can anyone suggest a gd pct cycle for me...cos i've been getting alot of pple telling me to go 4 3-week pct while others tell me 4 weeks is betta...n i dun noe how to modify the dosages..and wld i need hcg ...some guys told me tt i dun need...i wld really like an experts opinion on dat one

2) i had to go 4 a urine test and they detected protein in my urine...well the doc told me to go 4 another one a week later and again protein was detected in my urine...the doc told me tt it might have sumthing to do wif my kidneys...is this normal while ur on a cycle or is there sum real cause for concern...shld i just come clean wif my doc...?...pls help me out here guys...thanks alot !!