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    Question Are A-bombs in any way worth it?

    Been reading a lot on them, especialy vs Dbol and it seems like nearly nothing you accomplish on cycle from the drol is retained afterwards so I gotta ask what they're good for?
    Do you really lose so much that the main reason to take them would be to look good temporarily on cycle? Help me out bros. And I mean when taken with at least a test base.

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    its not like they are some worthless oral...they will increase your strength and mass relatively quicker than any compound aside from test.

    if you use them to jumpstart an extended cycle of test and another compound like deca or EQ you will be happy from the results.

    in the past i retained a good deal of strength, however i was running an extended cycle with FT. Dodge EQ and Testovirons.

    if you can manage to get enough calories and protein while on the drol it will be great, however the rapid weight gain is all water. if i was running drol again i would definitely use femara. more effective than ldex at keeping the water off, so you are more likely to retain what you get off of it.

    just some food for thought.

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    drol is suppose to be awesome for strength going to accompany it into my next cycle (drol,fina,enth)

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