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Thread: Eq. and Deca

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    Eq. and Deca

    5'8" 160lbs
    Equipoise and Deca 300 a good stack?
    Thought about 1ml/300mg Deca and 1cc/200mg Equipoise a week.
    Good results?

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    Go to the educational forum, and read the stickies on this page, especially the one at the top called 'Newbies, this is for you.'

    As for your question, not really, most guys will run test with one or the other. They both do simalar things, do some research and you can find out the properties each has.

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    test in every cycle bro! sounds like your trying to make lean gains, may i suggest a nice test e. and eq stack for 12 weeks?

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    eq is a weaker form of deca . It's good stuff. try the recommendation above. test e and eq cycle for 12 wks. the eq is going to increase your appetite, vascularity, and hardness if your bf% is down some already.

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