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    Question Dbol end of cycle...What ???

    Before all you pros get crazy on me...hear me out. I am a firm believer that we need to follow tradition and the status quo most of the time and I hold value in things that have been proven and have a solid foundation, but we also need to challenge the basics from time to time to learn. It is the people that depart from the norm and offer new paradign that become famous and ground breakers. No need to explain the reason we start dbol beginning of cycle so let me explain why post cycle. I want to start dbol two weeks after my last shot. WHY? It will delay and reduce weight and muscle loss from a high test cycle. Maintain strenght from post cycle. A last minute aggressive boost at the end of a successful cycle to put you further on top. In other words, let say you put on 20 pounds at the end of a cycle and loose 20% (-4 lbs.). You do a dbol cycle put on another lets say 10 pounds to compensate. You are now +6 lbs up instead of down. You taper of the dbol as you start clomid ( which maybe not even be necessary don't now yet??) slowly so natural test return. What do all think? Has anyone done anything like this? Do you think I have a good arguement?

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    hey, im no expert ,perhaps others may comment. Sounds crazy! okay so you gain another 10lbs. half is water bloat. Your test levels are not coming back as you shut down your HPTA. Theres a truth in the statement "there is a point of dimminishing returns" Also not knowing you complete cycle/stats maybe my say is all hype...

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    The point of PCT is to come off steroids .

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    Sounds great if you were bridging between cycles. But not if you are trying to come off completely.

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    yo man...that just makes it harder for natural test levels to come back...and you will lose more then the 4 pounds you would have if you didnt use dbol ...

    and lets try not to be so dramatic with the threads...

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