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    16 Week cycle advice

    Hey whats up everyone. Just looking for some help on my next cycle I'm planning here in July. I Wanted to make it a fina, EQ, Test-prop cycle, however it looks like I'm going to have to cut one out due to funds. So should I drop the fina or the EQ. I was planning on running it like this.

    Test prop wks 1-16 100mg a day
    EQ wks 1-15 200mg a wk
    Fina wks 1-10 75-100 mg a day

    I want size this cycle but I also like the sound of rock hard mucle that I've heard EQ can give. Also one more thing, How should I do a PCT with a cycle this long. Any advice +, or -, will be appreciated. Thanks

    previous cycle experience: Deca , D-bol, A-bombs, Sust 250 Im 73" 210 Lbs, on my 4th cycle. previous cycles started out 6weeks, longest cycle 10 weeks.

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    prop/tren ...its not even a question.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Latimus
    prop/tren...its not even a question.
    i agree. wouldn't even have to think twice.

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    thats too long for a cycle IMO

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    Quote Originally Posted by x_muscle
    thats too long for a cycle IMO
    16 weeks is definitely not too long for a cycle.

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