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    muscle building/cutting cycle

    Ok heres the cycle I want to do:
    D-bol week 1 through 5
    Deca week 1 through 8
    Winstrol week 6 through 11

    I want to put on about 15 pounds of muscle and get cut at the same time. I'm staying away from Test because I don't want to be big and bloated. Mainly I want to be very low in body fat while putting on a nice amount of muscle. Does this cycle look like it could do that for me?

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    d-bol will bloat you a shit load how many cycles have you done if you are cutting I would go with EQ10wks and Winny last 6-12 then go into clomid 4 days latter.this will get you to were you want to be.

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    The dbol will definately bloat you, I'd use some arimidex ...If you are worried about bloat from test, get some prop and run it for the duration of the cycle...

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    Use test--Sustanon 250 wont bloat you too much, run armidex with it and you wont bloat much at all. And use EQ over Deca and you should be happy!

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