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Thread: infection?

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    3rd week in gave a shot 2cc's of test on mon and deca on fri pretty much in the same location right cheek(stupid i know) i have a pretty nasty bruise(think i may have nicked a blood vessel) and a pretty big lump.the lump has gone down some and the pain is not as bad BUT there is a area of redness arounf the site which is kinda warm at times but I have no fever or feel sick.I started taking antibiotics (500 mg amox) just in case,what do u guys think am i just being paranoid? thanks

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    As long as everything starts to go down, as the lump has, it's likely not infected.....just keep an eye on it and your temp....and taking the antibiotics if not needed does more harm than good in the long run....that's how we get resistant bugs. The tissue is just traumatized most likely.

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    where you a little nervous? i know when i first started (dont know how long you have been poking) i used to be kind of nervouse, and my hand would shake a little bit when i was in the muscle. that would leave a nice mark the next day.

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