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    My Favorite Part about the Fox News Special

    I loved the part about getting legs like Tom Cruise and Leonardo DiCaprio...I also loved about how every bad story was about a 16 year old kid who knew nothing about gear...I love stories about how kids who have no idea what they are doing are the ones that are publicized...well i guess thats the media, always highlighting a negative about an issue. But what do u guys think? What were your favorite parts about the show?

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    My favorite part is the F*cking idiots they interviewed about it... These kids obviously never knew anything about training or diet before they went on cycle, probably nothing while they were on cycle too. Didn't know about B5 to combat acne, didn't know about Liquidex to combat bloating, and for D@MN sure didn't know about Nolva and Clomid post cycle so you KEEP YOUR GAINS! Those kids were still frickin scrawny after they cycled.

    Nice avatar by the way. lol.

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    Yeah I agree. The media would never look at the bright side of the picture since it's illegal. Personally my favorite part was when the guy is actually serious about getting steroid advice from a clerk in a Mexican pharm. Of course he's not going to tell you the real side effects, he can care less about it.

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    my favorite part, and coincidentally the same time i changed the channel, was when they asked the doc if someone should be charged with "MURDER" if caught distributing steroids . The question was for the "doc" i just turned on a movie at that point.

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    I like watching that duech bag, Isreal Jaffe complain about andro, what a deuch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by medic23
    I like watching that duech bag, Isreal Jaffe complain about andro, what a deuch.
    **** you beat me to it

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    I like how he gained something like 20 lbs i believe he said of of andro

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    The whole **** thing was a joke, the worst was the kid I want to kick his ass for being so stupid. I'm sure I didn't know it all but by his age I knew WAY much more than he does now. I did research and read everything I could get my hands on. This guys just pisses me off. Ignorance is the mother of all f*uckups.

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    to me it seemed like those kids used steroids as a cop out for getting themselves into trouble. I NEVER had their problems when i was on..... nor do i know anyone who was even close to being as bad as them.

    Those kids were probably f*ck ups from the start and when they got caught they blame dit on the steroids. Not only that..... but when your young you blow the whole "Roid rage " thing out of proportion. It's like your expecting it and your just waiting for it to come. like i said - it's a cop out for ding dumb sh*t.

    Remember the guy who had his legs amputated.....? Well..... when he was sitting in the court room with those fake legs on all i could imagine was him saying "I lost my legs to steroids" and the judge or somebody in that courtroom to say "You lost your legs? noooo..... they're right there" Id on't know why - but i laughed for about 15 minutes thinkin about that

    Failure is not and option..... ONLY beyond failure is - Haz

    Think beyond yourselves and remember this forum is for educated members to help advise SAFE usage of AAS, not just tell you what you want to hear
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    those kids were tiny, even for natural i have no idea what they were doing using gear, guess it made em feel big what do u mean, legs like cruise, leo dicaprio?:|

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