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    I think I injected into a ligament/tendon :(

    I injected my daily prop 75mg yesterday and now my leg is so sore the next day that its almost unusable. I injected low on the outside of the right quad and am wondering if I injected into my TFL.

    Does anyone know what symptoms would appear if I did such a thing ?

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    I dont think its possible to inject 'into' a ligament or tendon! close to and through are more possible explanations, although still not probable

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    I dont think a ligament or tendon would hold oil.

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    If you hit a tendon you would feel it when you injected. First it would be a little harder to penatrate than muscle tissue and then it also hurts. Ive done it a few times and had to pull it out and find a new spot. If you experianced what I have with hitting a tendon I doubt you would force it all the way through and say Fuk it and inject anyways.

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