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    sleepless nights

    i inject twice a week on sunday and wednesday and on these night i never cant sleep . any suggestions on how to pass out ?

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    I need to know your cycle, but I would suggest some GABA or melatonin though. I like to take a some Nyquiol and a sleeping pill from time to time. It knocks me out. Tyneol PM is nice to. Let members know your cycle for the best results

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    You're probably getting a rush from the experience of injecting. It's not the actual hormones in your body that are making it hard for you to sleep, its the process of putting it into your body. Compounds take a little while before they become active in your body so theres not really a possibility of those being whats keeping you up.

    In my opinion it's the process, jabbin' yourself and getting the energy rush from that.

    As said by Lolipops earlier, try some melatonin or tylenol PM. I myself recomend Melatonin, its VERY cheap and calms ya down pretty well. You can get it anywhere from GNC to Wal Mart.

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    Try doing some cardio in the evening..............don't go to bed hungry.............and if all else fails you could always get high..........

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