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Thread: Please Help!

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    Question Please Help!

    The mass cycle i like using is d.bol/sut/deca . I also like anadrol coz ov the fast results. I hate waiting weeks for the sust/deca to kick in so i like to use orals too. My problem is that im gonna take accutane very soon. I would imagine that accutane and orals are a bad idea and i should only use injectables. What could i take instead of the orals to get good mass results?? Should i use prop in the first few weeks and take something like enanthate ? please help

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    Use the accutane after the cycle

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    ive heard a few guys here use accutane and orals on cycle but if you dont want to put the xtra stress on your liver use prop for the first 3-4 wk@50-100 mg ed

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    Brother i'm on accutane and 35mg of bol a day. I've been taking loads of crannberry juice and milk thistle. Everything seems a-okay

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