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    Bad Idea Cycle - Need advice

    Have a friend that just bought some gear and thinks that this is key to him getting BACK into shape. Now I'm a novice when it comes to this stuff butt I think that if your out of shape - not lifted in a year - then aas is not for you at this time. He knows I have started a cycle and it has done well for me in the past.
    Now the arguement made to me about this was that is goes beyond the physical benifits and more into the mental. He thinks this will be what makes him become dedicated to lifting again and even though the gains wont be as good that at the end he will be back in the habbit of eating right and lifting hard. I know what he has but not how he's taking it. Test Eth, d-bol and Winny and clen . He wants to loose 20 or so pounds and gain strength which makes no sense at all to me. Can someone help me out with this. What can he really expect from a cycle starting flat out of shape? I had no good answers, all I could say was to try to lift and eat right a while first before he got rolling on the cycle. Start doing a lot of cardio and loose the weight first.
    He says that by the time it starts kicking in anyway he will have lost some weight and will be over his sorness of lifting again.

    What do I say to this?? Thanks for any advice

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    Well the first thing I would tell him if he plans on taking Test and Dbol he wont lose 20 pounds unless he is some kind of phenomenom. That will make him gain weight. Just by looking at his cycle and expected results he is looking for magic beans to make up for his time he HASNT been spending in the gym. JMO

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    No flame here bro...tell your buddy to come on this site and do his own research.

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