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    Fina,T200,EQ200,Deca200 cycle help.

    Im 5'8 and I weigh 170lbs and very low body fat. Ive been off now for 2 months and its time to rock and roll. I wanna gain mass but I dont wanna gain water. I hate that bloated look. I wanna get hard raw muscle and strenght of a Bull. I also got kynoselen,hcg and clomid for post anticatbolic cycle.
    This is what I got:
    Finaplex : 20cc of 75mg/cc converted fina
    TesT Enath : 60cc of T200
    EQ: 60cc of TTokyo EQ mixed w/ 8cc of Deca 200cc.

    This is my second cycle. But my last first cycle ended in 8 months long cycle so this is like 3rd cycle. lol. I lost like 8lbs since my last cycle but I still retained alot. Okay bro thanks!

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    oops for the EQ, I meant the ttokyo EQ300/cc

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    Right next door.
    This was my last cycle. Got great results

    1-10 eq 600mg (had ttokkyo and went 1 cc every other day)
    1-10 test enth 600mg
    5-12 fina (hoebrew) 75ed
    6-12 Winny 50ed
    13-15 clomid
    1-15 liquidex .25 cc ed
    13-14 clen

    Second fina cycle so I bumped it up from 6 weeks to 8 weeks from the first time.

    Loved it, loved it.

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    your going to need more fina what you have will only last 3 wks unless you are planning eod ,it should be done ed

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