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Thread: Clen?

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    I am currently taking 1cc Winstrol every two days and added in Clen three weeks ago. I was told to take one every other day. My problem is that I don't know how strong these tablets are to know how many to really take a day. This week I also added in 2 Stacker 3's eith ephedra during the day. I want to take clen for one more week then take off a week though I probably should have already done that. I was told not to take more than one a day that I didnt need it. How can I tell how strong they are if I didnt get them in a package and is it safe to assume they are 20 mg??

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    Most clen tabs are 20mcgs but there are 40mcg tabs floating around, either way 20 or 40mcgs a day isn't going to do much for you, you need closer to 100mcg a day to see any desent results. Also you should be going 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off with the clen, take the ECA stack on the off weeks. Winny alone huh?

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